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Summary: This press release informs readers about integration of social media and contact center services offered by ServiceCheck.

Integrated solutions provide an efficient and effective platform to monitor, respond and track customer issues.

ATLANTA, GA., August 23, 2011 — ServiceCheck, the nation’s leading customer recovery and feedback firm, announces the integration of its social media monitoring service SocialLink with its industry-leading contact center solution CustomerLink. ServiceCheck has seen an increase in excess of 300% in demand for its contact center and social media monitoring services over the past 6 months from its clients within such consumer industries as restaurant, grocery and retail among others.With consumers having access to ever-increasing methods to interact with and about the brands and stores they visit, companies have the need to monitor and respond to all feedback. Whether it’s a call, a web form, an email, Facebook post or a Tweet, consumers are reaching out to these brands and expect to get a timely response. Companies who do not monitor and respond to all methods of feedback face a challenge, while those that quickly respond and resolve these issues find themselves with an opportunity to increase retention and profitability.Customers have been relying on ServiceCheck’s CustomerLink program since they initiated the first customer recovery and feedback solution in 1987. Today, ServiceCheck serves over 100 brands, 1,000 clients and well over 30,000 locations clients such as KFC, AMC Entertainment, Fresh & Easy, Strauss Auto, Waffle House,WhiteCastle and O’Charleys.

“The sheer dedication from the Service Check teams and their abilities to customize to meet our needs have proven to be imperative as we build a business based on listening to customers.” –Gary Turner, Digital Media & Customer Loyalty Manager, Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market.

With the explosion of social media sites, apps and forums ServiceCheck introduced its social media monitoring service SocialLink in 2009 and has integrated it with its cutting-edge Customer Experience Management platform.

ServiceCheck’s Customer Experience Management platform, affectionately known as Falcon, allows its users to reach and receive all customer feedback, respond when necessary in a timely fashion while also providing a closed-loop follow-up process and reporting that will highlight trends that require corporate attention. This platform can be offered as part of an overall solution provided by ServiceCheck, or as a hosted platform for companies who utilize their own customer service staff. ServiceCheck’s Customer Experience Management platform provides:

  • A platform to both reach and receive as well as intake of all forms of customer feedback
  • An automated platform that categorizes and tracks all issues through resolution
  • A “close out” procedure, to promote and enhance customer retention
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Customized real-time reports available online or via automated delivery
  • Follow-up fulfillment such as letters, gift cards or email notes
  • Instant email alerting for issues requiring immediate attention

“The old adage that it’s more important to retain a customer than get a new one rings even truer in today’s world, with communication that is both instant and long-reaching,” said Rich Flaherty, Vice President for ServiceCheck. “Whereas before, a dissatisfied customer told around 10–15 people in a social media driven world that number averages 200. With a 5% increase improvement in retention rates able to increase profits by as much as 25%, nothing is more important than customer recovery and retention.”

About ServiceCheck

ServiceCheck has provided clients with exceptional service 24/7/365 without interruption since 1987.  ServiceCheck helps businesses increase profits and brand loyalty through a Customer Recovery and Feedback program that retains dissatisfied customers, measures the complete customer experience, while providing actionable information to ensure operational excellence and profitability. The original innovator of live-answer Customer Recovery and Customer Feedback Programs, ServiceCheck now serves more than 1,000 clients representing over 100 brands across diverse industries, such as restaurants, grocers, convenience stores, department stores, movie theaters, retailers and other consumer-focused establishments. ServiceCheck’s solutions include a live-answer Customer Recovery and Feedback Program, Employee Hotlines, Quality Assurance Helplines, as well as Crisis Management and Social Media Solutions.


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