by / Tuesday, 13 January 2015 / Published in Customer Experience, Customer Service Program, Guest Recovery

The initial cause of a customer service issue is less memorable to your clients than how you handle it. Mistakes happen; it’s how you rectify them that truly demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction.

For example, let’s say you’re out for a nice dinner with your significant other and nothing is going well. The appetizers come out cold, the waiter gets your drinks wrong, and the main course takes longer than expected. You finally call over the manager to express your displeasure.

The manager has two choices:

  1. Make excuses (new waiter, new cooking staff, over booked).
  2. Acknowledge the mistakes and instantly make it right with you (offer a free appetizer, discount your meal, free dessert) with no questions asked.

Which of these scenarios is more likely to ensure you go back and eat at that restaurant?

In the context of the restaurant, the choice seems obvious. Yet this model is often ignored in other customer service settings. And while some customers seem to spend very little with your brand, the impact of their positive or negative word-of-mouth can prove much more substantial. After a mistake has been made, what matters most is what you do to improve the customer’s experience. To learn more about solutions available to help you manage the HOW in your customer service click here.

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