by / Thursday, 25 June 2015 / Published in Quality Assurance Hotline

It is 8:44PM on a Friday night in Carlsbad, California. One of your employees, Chris Martinez, noticed a major issue with a new shipment. The barcode is properly displaying the correct shipment, but the goods delivered are completely wrong. As this is a major restocking shipment, there is obviously a serious shipping systems issue, and it needs to be addressed immediately. Chris wondered if it is happening across the entire region, and calls the corporate office. He gets a recording and leaves a detailed message, then sends an email to the store manager.

Many companies need to staff a 24/7 quality assurance hotline, but lack the systems and staff to do so. As problems, breakdowns and failures often happen after hours, it’s crucial for businesses to provide immediate assistance to employees 24/7, 365 days a year. Properly staffed and managed quality assurance hotlines (and maintenance hotlines) will help employees report problems and receive immediate assistance with equipment breakdowns, shipping and receiving problems, or any other back-of-house issue. A state of the art crisis management solution can alert all locations of an issue like this, helping to isolate the unexpected event and deal with it quickly and decisively, reducing costs and liability.

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